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​​​Mantles of Martyrdom*

© All rights reserved by Ginger E. Mosher

Angel of the Deep**

White as Snow**

Beholding His Glory**

​​Holy Bridges**

His Holy Bride**

River of Light*

Wind in the Mulberry Trees**

 An art gallery presenting prophetic gems and other original paintings by Ginger Mosher

Welcome to GEMgallery!

On the following pages you will experience some visual expressions on canvas of what God has been putting on my heart.  The gallery pages show all of the works in thumbnail form so be sure to scroll down.  Click on the images you want to view in a larger size.  Many of the paintings have a profound story behind their inspiration as noted beside their titles with an asterick*. Some have audio recordings of their story as noted with two astericks**. So, please take your time and enjoy.  You might find something with a message just for you. I hope that as you are viewing the paintings you will be blessed emotionally, physically, and  spiritually.  If you are interested in any of the paintings or just want to comment, please fill out the contact page.  Thank you so much for visiting GEMgallery.  May God open His windows of revelation for you.

Ginger Eubanks Mosher


The Mercy Seat**

Come Up Here*

Living Waters*

Living Flames*

A Royal Revelation**

Symphony of Heaven*​
In the Key of Unity

Surrounded by His Glory*