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Artist:  Ginger E. Mosher

Ginger Mosher—a prophetic artist of no small stature—functions as an interface between heaven and earth to produce paintings out of the heart of God. She is both creatively talented and skilled—with a wealth of experience in the arts.  She has a Bachelor’s degree in Fine Art—a Master’s of Science degree in Architecture—but more importantly she has a heavenly gifting from the Master Artist and Creator—God.  Based upon divinely inspired dreams, visions, impressions, scripture, and revelation—under the anointing of the Holy Spirit—she puts brush to canvas.  Prayerfully seeking the Lord throughout the entire creative process of each painting—He enables her to release His message on Earth as it is in Heaven through her prophetic art.  Every painting really does tell a story and she loves telling them with paint and print so that the Father’s heart is revealed as the Holy Spirit illuminates.  

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