"Living Flames"

Artist & Author:  Ginger E. Mosher

​© All rights reserved by Ginger E. Mosher

The story of “Living Flames,” actually begins with the story of its twin, “Living Waters.” I kept hearing the song lyrics from “Here for You” by Matt Redman* calling for God to let His fire fall down as I ironically prepared to paint “Living Waters.” Trying to paint fire in the water without revelation was fruitless. So, I put it on the back burner — so to speak — and went to buy the canvas for “Living Waters.” Surprisingly, because of COVID, canvases were hard to find, especially in the 22x28 size I had been told to use. Only one store had it for sale as a 2 for 1 packaged deal. Months later, I understood why the second canvas. “Living Flames” would be a twin to “Living Waters” and a part of what I now call my “Modern Man” series.

I believe these twins represent God’s new man and woman rising up. We are His wells of revival bursting forth with His living water. We are His living flames, burning for His fame and glory. As the song lyrics say, to Him our hearts are open with nothing hidden. He is our one desire because He alone is holy and worthy.* We will let heaven come through us because His is the kingdom, the power and the glory forevermore.

Holy Spirit is the fire that comes to purify and empower us to go out with passion for His glory.** When Holy Spirit comes upon you — you will be His witnesses blazing with compassion for the lost (see Acts 1:8). Hence, the size of the canvas: 22 represents a witness and a testimony, 28 represents double restoration. We are sent out to be His witness, to share our testimonies and to express His love with power for the restoration of the world back to Him. “He makes… His ministers a flaming fire” (Psalm 104:4 NKJV). “He sends… His servants like flames of fire” (Hebrew 1:7 NLT).

We all love the fire of passion and empowerment, but the purifying fire always comes first. When Elijah of the Old Testament wanted Jezebel’s false prophets to see God’s power — he built an altar to the Lord, flooded it with water, and then called down fire from heaven to consume it. This pleased God and fire fell from heaven. When we say we will burn with passion for His fame and glory, He hears us and the fire comes. What a wonderful thing it is to be consumed by His fire — to be set free from our fleshly hindrances to serve our glorious God. When we put ourselves on the altar before God, He is faithful to consume all that hinders. And, yes it is intense.

Before I left home to paint “Living Flames” at “Celebrate Jesus” (a women’s gathering), the canvas (i.e., skin/flesh), went through an Elijah-like prophetic preparation. It had to be doused with water — inside and outside the frame — and heat had to be applied to shrink and dry it. Then the night before the event, God turned up the heat on me. There were the typical stressors and fears but even though accommodations were lovely there would be no sleep. Over the bed the smoke detector/fire alarm flashed a brilliant white light every few seconds, the pillows were like boulders and the sheets sounded like crackling fire with every movement. Talk about an altar. I had no idea how I was going to paint the next day but, in the morning, I hoped that a good shower might be helpful. However, there was no hot water — only cold. By the time we drove to the event, my faith was thin, but my flesh was not. So, I sent out an SOS prayer request to a few trusted friends. When I arrived, the crowd was slim as well, but as I prayed for the leader’s encouragement in the Lord’s pleasure and purpose for the event, Holy Spirit fire fell with passion and power. What a joyful relief and burst of much needed energy.

The event progressed beautifully but the painting not so much. I worked and worked it but could not make the person pretty or even pleasant to look at. When I got up to share, I let everyone know it was still a work in progress and not to judge it yet. Later, the Lord showed me why. Fire is beautiful — Burning flesh is not!

When I finished “Living Flames” no flesh or wood remained — only an intensity of one who has been through the fire of purification and now burns brilliantly with passion and power for Jesus. Like Moses’ burning bush this fire from heaven cannot be quenched. Like a spiritual wildfire, it spreads rapidly. Since the event we have been hearing of Christian women’s fire gatherings across this nation and other God-fire events around the world. We have also seen the fire of God on display in the sunrises and sunsets of the heavens through the shared photographs of Lulu Keen, who with her husband, Stephen Keen, paved the way for us to “Celebrate Jesus” on January 23, 2021 — even though our flesh was struggling. Why? Because — Only He is holy, Only He is worthy, Only He can save us. Christ alone is the way, the truth, and the life. “Oh Come Let us Adore Him, Christ the Lord.”***

To quote Stephen, “It is time for all to see the light, the fire of Christ Jesus burning in and through you, setting all you come in contact with on fire for the Lord! The purifying fire of the Lord enables us to live the power of the endless life, not just in heaven but here in this earth!”

“Living Flames” represents the bride of Christ as a pillar of fire in the darkness. We are in such a time as this to be His flames of fire lighting the way for the Lost. It is time rise and radiate — to be His fiery flames and wells of revival because “sometimes in the dark you can see real clear”**** especially when there’s a “Living Flame” burning brightly in your midst.


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