“Come, Lord Jesus!” is the heartfelt cry of every believer and the title of this painting. It could have been called Doorkeeper, Faithful and True, or Holy Spirit Wind for they are all true to its theme. But “Come, Lord Jesus,” found in the last words of the last book of the Bible, is the response given when Jesus says, “Yes, I am coming soon” (Revelation 22:20 NIV). We long to see Jesus on earth again and He is coming. But in this painting, He may not be coming the way you think. Yes, Jesus is coming through the door — but YOU are the rider on Holy Spirit Wind that Jesus is coming through. You are His Faithful and True Doorkeepers crossing the spiritual threshold between heaven and earth to manifest Jesus in our world. As we overcome by the blood of Jesus and share our testimonies of His turnaround goodness, we are creating pathways for Jesus to do again for others what He has done for us. For this we cry, “Come, Lord Jesus!”


Seven Sundays after Easter on Pentecost Sunday, June 5th, 2022 (the day we celebrate Holy Spirit’s outpouring and pray for Him to do it again), a secular song’s lyric, “Turnaround Bright Eyes,”[1] came to mind for me to sing as my earnest prayer for loved ones who desperately need to know the turnaround goodness of God. Two days later, on Turnaround Tuesday, June 7th, I received the first of many visions for this painting about God’s turnaround goodness. Strangely enough, the initial vision was of a lemonade stand on the shoulder of the number 7 exit ramp off Interstate 575 which leads to Georgia Highway 92. Upon entering the exit behind a standstill line of cars and seeing the refreshing lemonade stand on the shoulder, I decided to get out and buy some for my parents who (now in heaven) were riding in the backseat of my father’s car. As I handed my parents their lemonades, the line of cars started moving forward like they were on a conveyor belt. So, I told my parents, “Go ahead, get in the car. I will catch up after I pay,” which I did with the money from my gold zippered pouch that is stamped with the words “GOOD AS GOLD”.

For me to understand this dream, I heard the Lord say, “This is to be a collaborative effort.”  A real synergy of the ages and generations - past, present & future. A collective work of the body of Christ and a co-laboring with the angels. But most importantly, this is to be a collaboration with our Triune God for His kingdom advancement and for those who are coming behind us. We are His “Good as gold” turnaround agents. We are His conduits, His interstate connections between heaven and earth and we have the full counsel of the seven Spirits of God in this eleventh hour so that we can see His path forward to turn our nation, our families, and our lemons into lemonade. (See Revelation 3:18 NIV) Is anyone among you thirsty? I hear the Lord saying,

“Come, all you who are thirsty, come to the waters; and you who have no money, come, buy and eat! Come, buy wine and milk without money and without cost. Why spend money on what is not bread, and your labor on what does not satisfy” (Isaiah 55:1 NIV).

God’s deep desire is to reveal His turnaround goodness both to us and through us in this NOW season. Considering the recurring number 7 in this story (which represents completion), we are reminded that our Mighty God who created all that exists in 7 days is more than able to turn things “for the good of those who love Him, who have been called according to His purposes” (Romans 28:8 NIV). Also, through the seven covenants of God with man, we see that what He authors, He finishes or sevens. In this our greatest hour of need He says, “Here I am! I stand at the door and knock. If anyone hears my voice and opens the door, I will come in and eat with that person and they with me” (Revelation 3:20 NIV).

For those who carry the turnaround testimony of Jesus in their hearts and lives, it is the Spirit of prophecy that says do it again, Lord! (See Revelation 12:11 & 19:10 NIV) God loves turning things for good – even for those who have gone before us and those who are still far off, because He sees and knows them outside of time. (See Romans 8:28 NIV) We all have our testimonies of God’s — lemons to lemonade —goodness to share and as we do, we make pathways in the spirit on which others can travel. I heard the Lord say, “It is time to turn lemons into lemonade – even pink lemonade” in order to make pink pathways of peace for others.


With the lemonade message on my mind and eyes closed in prayer at Church the following Wednesday night, I was shown a dimly lit “morning star.” This puzzled me, because in Revelation 22:16 it says, “I, Jesus, have sent my angel to give you this testimony for the churches. I am the Root and the Offspring of David, and the bright Morning Star” (NIV). As I meditated on this, I asked Holy Spirit for insight and sensed I was to read aloud Revelation 22 verses 1-5 and 16-17. The chapter is titled “Eden Restored” and it begins with a description of the river of the water of life flowing from the throne of God through the Holy City. Then in verse 16, as quoted above, Jesus declares He is the bright Morning Star, to which,

“The Spirit and the bride say ‘Come!’ Let the one who hears say, ‘Come!’ Let the one who wishes take the free gift of the water of life” (Revelation 22:17 NIV).

When I finished reading this scripture aloud, all in attendance were provoked to do the same. In one accord we passionately called out — “Come, Lord Jesus Come!” Then, I declared we are entering a new season of seeing our lemons turned into lemonade — even pink lemonade. And I encouraged everyone to share their testimonies of God’s goodness with the world! As we do, the Morning Star will shine brightly through us in the darkness.

In the foreground of the painting beside the pink pathway, I was told to paint starflowers in the grass because those traveling on our turnaround testimonies of Jesus will sow testimonies of their own. These testimonies will also be of the bright Morning Star, Jesus. For this we say, “Come, Lord Jesus!” Do it again and again and again!

On the canvas, the Morning Star is shown coming through the mouth of the rider. In Revelation 19:15, Jesus is described with a sharp sword coming out of His mouth. Since the sword of the Spirit is the word of God and Jesus is the Word — Jesus is being revealed through us by the words of our mouths as the bright Morning Star. As rendering of it progressed, I was led to use the NorthStar compass symbol because it always points north, and our due north is always Jesus.


In the days that followed, the song, “Better is One Day,”[2] sung by Keith Luker, played on loop in my spirit. The lyrics, based on Psalm 84, are all about being a doorkeeper. The first verse begins with “How lovely is your dwelling place, Lord God Almighty!” (See Psalm 84:1 NIV). According to Beni Johnson, “We are the sanctuary of Christ. When we meet with Christ, from there we can change the world.” Amen! We are His dwelling place or sanctuaries, and we are the doorkeepers through which He is coming. It is happening NOW! Even at Flashpoint Atlanta, Dutch Sheets was calling out for God’s Watchmen and Doorkeepers of whom Psalm 84 speaks. In verses 10-12, the author, King David, states,

“I would rather be a doorkeeper of my God than dwell in the tents of the wicked. For the LORD God is a sun and shield; the LORD bestows favor and honor; no good thing does he withhold from those whose walk is blameless. O LORD Almighty blessed is the man who trusts in you” (Psalm 84:10-12 NIV).


Based on all the above, I realized Holy Spirit was showing me what to paint at the next Pray Georgia National Congress where God’s uniquely appointed doorkeepers were convening for the turnaround of our nation. I knew there would be a door and its keeper, the Morning Star, lemons & pink pathways in the painting. And I understood, having read Revelation 19:10-11, that there would be a horse with “He who is called Faithful and True” riding in through the door. However, as I read the detailed description in verses 12-16 and began sketching, I heard the Lord say that it would not be Jesus on the horse but one whom He has made faithful and true – who in righteousness will judge and make war to advance His kingdom. One in whom He dwells. One who is moved and empowered solely by His Spirit. Additionally, I was instructed to get a 3-foot by 4-foot canvas. When asked why, He said, “add the dimensions” 3+4=7, meaning complete, and 36+48 inches=84, the doorkeeper Psalm. The time is complete for Him to come on earth through His righteous gateway doorkeepers and it is time to ride His white horse even to the four corners of the earth.

Since I had never painted a horse, Holy Spirit brought a book to me called “Spirit Wind, the Ultimate Adventure”[3] by Dale A. Fife. My instructions were to use the horse on the cover as a model for stance or positioning of the horse. Before reading the book, I had been shown that Holy Spirit would be the horse on whom His faithful and true ones would be riding. Later while reading an excerpt of the book, I found that the author’s experience confirmed this and, in the book, Jesus calls the horse, Spirit Wind. But how could I testify in a painting what I had not yet experienced?

When the Lord first said, “This is to be a collaboration,” Holy Spirit divinely connected me with certain people for the purpose of sharing revelations, confirmations, testimonies, encouragement and praying through this painting’s journey and message. What a joy it has been to be joined to others of the faithful and true ecclesia on this ultimate adventure! One of those special persons shared with me her adventure, in a vision, of riding with Jesus on a horse and her testimony of Jesus created a pink pathway for me to ride as well — but maybe not the way you would think.


With do-it-again faith to ride, I waited expectantly on the Lord and was caught up in the wind of the Spirit. It came from behind like a whirlwind encircling my legs while lifting me in an upright position into the air, first to the right around a school of higher learning then swiftly up to the left, where I could see my loved ones sitting in the clouds. As I was momentarily held in front of them, by the wind around my legs, I heard the Lord emphatically declare, “They are living in the NOW!”

Immediately, I understood His message. Life cannot be lived in the past, nor can it be lived in the future. To live moved by the wind of the Spirit, we must be fully in the present — not yoked to the past or waiting for the future. We must lay down all fear, all that hinders and any heavy loads we’ve been carrying. Jesus is asking us, “Will you ride the wind of My Spirit? The answer I heard came to the tune of an old familiar “rock” song but with the words, “We will, we will ride you!”

“The wind blows wherever it pleases. You hear its sound, but you cannot tell where it comes from or where it is going. So, it is with everyone born of the Spirit” (John 3:8 NIV).

Jesus is standing at the door of our new pink hearts knocking. (See Revelation 3:20) He has given us a new spirit and put His Spirit within us. (See Ezekiel 36:26,27) We have everything we need, and it is time to ride the wind of His Spirit. He is doing a new work in us. Striving will not get it done. When drawing the wind of the Spirit wrapping the shoulders and neck of the horse, I saw that it looked like a yoke and heard the Lord say, “Holy Spirit is My yoke.” And I thought of the truth of the song by the Hollies, “He Ain’t Heavy, He’s My Brother.”[4] The yoke of His Spirit is easy, and His burden is light. When we learn to remain yoked with His Spirit, we will find the needed rest for our souls in the NOW for He is gentle and humble in heart. (See Matthew 11:28) His wisdom, understanding, counsel, might, and knowledge are ours for the asking in reverent fear or awe of Him and His higher ways. This is not a time to lean on our own knowledge, past experiences, or tools. We must remain joined to Him — following His lead in every detail.

As I sketched the wind hugging the rider and horse, I was instructed to study aerodynamic wind tunnel pictures. In my search, there were, not only, pictures of cars in wind tunnels, but some were of runners and bicyclers with external moving parts. These moving parts created another dynamic of curling and rippling eddies defined as circular movement counter to a main current which can cause a wind whirlpool. Just imagine what effect that must have when it is created by the wind of the Spirit moving us wherever He pleases.

To be solely moved by the Spirit’s wind — we must trust Him. Another faithful friend and collaborator, who trains award winning show horses and their owners, shared with me how a horse will match its gait to that of its trainer, or owner. This reminds me again that, like Jesus, Holy Spirit is gentle and humble in heart. He knows who we are, and He knows the best pace for each of us to run our unique race. Graciously adjusting to our human frailty, He synchronizes with us to ensure our victory in fulfilling our destiny and God’s purposes.  


We cannot get it done alone! I know. I tried — even wielding the word to no avail. While on this prophetic prayer and painting journey, I had been sick for days without improvement. I had done everything I knew to do, both physically and spiritually. Yet, when I asked the Lord what I should do, I heard, “You need to wield the word.” So once again, I did, but still no improvement. Exhausted, I sat down to wait on the Lord and was given the kingdom pattern of four connected fleur-de-lis pointing outward in four directions. I was told they represented Father God, Lord Jesus, Holy Spirit, and me working together as one. And I heard Him say a second time, “This is to be a collaborative effort.” Suddenly my fever left, and I was finally on a healing path. When I shared this with my sister, in collaboration, she reminded me that relationship has been the plan, or pattern, from the beginning. With that in mind, I was shown to use the four fleur-de-lis pattern for the kingdom key to be carried in the hand of His faithful and true rider.

However, instead of a painted key, I was told it needed to be stamped on the canvas. For three days I carved and created a key to use as a stamp. But just as I finished the last detail, I realized it was turned the wrong way. Immediately, Holy Spirit simply showed me what to do. I was to remove the locking or unlocking mechanism part and turn it around (not over) to the other side for reattachment. In doing so, it truly became a turnaround key with which to stamp His pattern on the canvas. Our uniquely designed “God and Me” turnaround keys are for the collaborative opening of God’s kingdom doors and the closing of all doors to the enemy for the sake of our families, our nation, and the world. (See Isaiah 22:22 NIV) Purposefully, the key and the stamp are seven inches long because we will complete our work from a position of rest and total reliance on the seven Spirits of God.

When the kingdom wind of God rushes through the doors, that which is not His kingdom will be expelled and fuchsia skies will fill the atmosphere. Another friend, in collaboration, shared a valuable dream with me about this. The setting was inside an antebellum house where she was about to take a nap in what had been used as a bridal room. To prevent her from falling asleep, I was, in the dream, dramatically waving a fuchsia scarf and saying “Stay Awake! Stay Awake!” As a result, she got up under the powerful unction of Holy Spirit, went to the back door, opened it, and 16,223 demons fled the premises. Note — the front door was also open, so the Holy Spirit wind came rushing straight through! The fuchsia scarf and sky color in the painting symbolize setting things right with God — setting the airways and the atmosphere right with the kingdom of God! 


Speaking of airways and the wind of the Spirit, I was shown, in another vision, a closeup of the horse’s right nostril representing our need for righteous discernment. Revelation 19:11 says of the Faithful and True that “…in righteousness he doth judge and make war” (NKJV). Therefore, we need the ability to make war, to judge or decide well and this only comes from God.  Surprisingly, an online dictionary’s Christian version of discernment states that it is the “perception in the absence of judgment with a view to obtaining spiritual guidance and understanding.”[5] In all things, especially in these times, we need to seek the fullness of Holy Spirit. And I am testifying right now of His amazing accessibility to us in NOW time. All we must do is ask. Holy Spirit is enjoining us to rule and reign with Him. Isaiah 11:2 says,

The Spirit of the LORD will rest on him – the Spirit of wisdom and of understanding, the Spirit of counsel and of might, the Spirit of the knowledge and fear of the LORD” (NIV)

For years religion has tried to mask and silence the wind of the Holy Spirit — the Ruach Ha-kodesh — ignoring the need for a third of the divine force of God sent to dwell on earth in us. I saw this masking in a vision, but I grew up with it in the church. A small blanket was covering the horse’s head from the nose up. When I cut open a slot for the horse to breathe, it fell off. As Christians, we must turn from this wicked dishonoring of Holy Spirit and gratefully receive Him in His fullness because “where the Spirit of the Lord is there is liberty” (2 Corinthians 3:17 NKJV, NIV). Remember our Constitution — “One nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.”[6] How can we expect to have liberty if God’s own people deny Holy Spirit?

When seeking counsel from my horse training friend about the accuracy of my horse sketch, her sole suggestion was to improve the rendering of his nostril. To show me how, she sent multiple pictures of horse’s nostrils. Turns out the horse I chose to use, as a model, is named Jesse which speaks again of our need for the fullness of the One who came — even from the root of Jesse to dwell among us — Jesus and then His Holy Spirit. Thank you, Jesus! Thank you, Holy Spirit! Thank you, God the three in One!  May we bear Your witness and share Your fullness to turn this world around — bringing Your kingdom on earth.


With Holy Spirit leading the way, everyday becomes an adventure. So, stay alert, even in the mundane or inconvenient, there might be a divine purpose. One such morning — feeling the wonderful hug of His presence as I dressed, in lemonade attire, to run an ordinary errand — I felt impressed by Holy Spirit to take two, well-loved and long forgotten, shoes to a local repair shop without delay. Good idea I thought, without remembering the revolving sound of trouble my car had been making a few days earlier. The tires seemed fine at the time, but right in the middle of the same Exit 7 off-ramp of interstate 575 that leads to Georgia highway 92, my front left tire went flat. While waiting for my husband, I talked with a faithful friend on the phone who read to me a fresh prophetic word by Chuck Pierce about changing paths. It was a perfect fit for the moment in so many ways. Paraphrased, He said we are to embrace our changing paths and run with fierceness for there’s about to be a release of double portion power and we will have cool drinks along the way. It was then that I realized — this was a full circle moment!

With my prophetic Thunderbird’s front left tire flat in the grass slightly off the exit’s shoulder, I reflected back to the first dream of this journey — of buying 2 lemonades for my 2 parents at a lemonade stand on the opposite shoulder of this very exit number 7. I also considered that the numbers in Georgia highway 92 when added together equal 11 which relates to many of the scriptures in this story. And surely, the time is NOW for an 11th hour collaborative turnaround with those who have gone before us and those who are yet to come with God right in the middle. The number 7, I’ve mentioned before, speaks of the fullness of the 7 Spirits of God. And the numbers in Interstate 575 when added together are 17, the last date of the event in September 2022 where this painting and its message was first released. Then, I thought of the Holy Spirit horse’s front left hoof setting down in the harvest field of the painting and remembered that September is the Hebrew month in which the King is in the field. As we, his kings, priests, and righteous doorkeepers, go forth into the fields, white for harvest riding the wind of His Spirit — King Jesus in us, will be in the field!

For this harvest season, God provided two new tires, two shoes repaired, and a new H-frame easel on four wheels to accommodate the large sized canvas I was about to paint. Also, among our collaborative group of prophetic intercessors, were multiple sets of new wheels. With all these new sets of spinning wheels, the annoying song about “wheels on the bus” was going round and round in my mind. However, I heard myself singing it with these words, “The Spirit and the Bride say Come, Come, Come, all through the land.” But then, I happened to read the Acts chapter 21 account of when Apostle Paul rebuked his disciples for reacting in fear instead of being moved by faith in the Spirit. I pray and I declare this will not be our story because those going forth with God already have the victory! 

My new H-frame easel on wheels testifies of this in that it looks like football goalposts and reminds me of what I recently saw and heard in the spirit, “This is the 12th down of the 4th quarter.” It is inevitable, we win! Take note — the wheels of the Spirit are moving, moving, moving with the throne of God in the field. And many things are coming full circle back to God’s original design with 360° revelation.

After changing my tire on Exit 7, I arrived at the shoe repair shop on Georgia highway 92 only to find a “We have moved” note on the door with their new address. According to GPS, I would be making yet another full circle journey to their new location which turned out to be across the street from where I began. From there, I would make another U-turn to go home. With all the full circles, U-turns, and turnarounds in the story of this painting, I remembered that it began with our testimonies of God’s turnaround goodness and a dim morning star. So, I revisited Revelation 22 understanding that sometimes you must go to the end to get to the beginning.


Revelation 22 is called “Eden Restored” for a reason. It has always been the plan. The restoration of all things to the beginning, especially concerning our relationship with God. True to the book’s name, as I reread it, every scripture came alive with NOW revelation. The author, John, says he was told “not to seal up the words of the prophecy of this scroll, because the time is near” — not to make it a mystery because we need the revealing of it in the NOW (Revelation 22:10 NIV). It may be for a future event, but we are meant to rule and reign with Him NOW; to bring the kingdom of heaven on earth NOW; to access and share the leaves for the healing of the nations NOW; to live in the NOW. “The Spirit and the Bride say Come” NOW through us. (Revelation 22:17 NIV). Come bright “Morning Star” through our mouths, our words, our actions, and our lives (Revelation 22:16 NIV). We will collaborate with You to restore our land and recreate Eden. “Come, Lord Jesus!” (Revelation 22:20 NIV).


In one last vision — I was shown a mandolin and thought out loud, “Oh no, not in this painting.” But at the very end of the sketching, Holy Spirit said yes and showed me where and how to include it. I’ll give you a clue. It’s in the belly of the painting. However, the only place it exists in scripture is Psalm 150:5 of The Message Translation where it says, “Praise him with cymbals and a big bass drum, Praise him with fiddles and mandolin.”

Reading this version to my faithful prayer partner for this painting, she exclaimed, “It sounds like a Ho-down.” Then she shared a story of when a golden fiddle was laid, by the Spirit, at the feet of one of our dear friends and co-laborers in Christ. The golden fiddle, of course, is a reference to the famous song, “The Devil Went Down to Georgia,”[7] by Charlie Daniels. As the story goes the devil went down to Georgia and bet his fiddle playin’ against a boy, named Johnny. If the devil won, he’d get the boy’s soul. If Johnny won, he’d get the devil’s golden fiddle which, of course, he did — playin’ “Fire on the Mountain, run boys run.” So, unlike Johnny, but as instructed by Psalm 150, let’s praise God for the victory, and His turnaround goodness! “Let’s praise Him for his acts of power, praise him for his magnificent greatness… Let’s praise with all the instruments within us! Let every living, breathing creature praise GOD! Hallelujah!” (vs. 2,6)


As the foundation for this painting was being laid, a magazine arrived by mail for my father, who has now joined the great cloud of witnesses. It was from his alma mater, Asbury University, who has recently experienced a great moving of God’s Holy Spirit. The featured article printed on its cover — over a pink-filled sky — was titled, “Goodness of God.” Delighted by the confirmation, I scanned through the magazine and found, just inside the back cover, another painted horse story, complete with pictures. The article was called “Photo Finish,” but the painted horse work of art was called “Circuit Rider.” Its commissioned purpose was to tell the story of Asbury’s founding father who traveled on horseback thousands of miles to minister to those living on the frontier. It was a story very similar to my own great grandfather’s and looking forward to future generations, I pray they will have even greater stories to tell about us as they too ride Holy Spirit Wind.

Last Saturday night, we gathered to worship and pray under brilliantly pink skies and were joined by those we’d never met. They were borne of the Spirit and had just been ministering to the lost on the dark streets of a distant place because it is harvest time and it is time to live in the NOW with Jesus. Will you ride the wind of His Holy Spirit wherever He goes carrying Jesus to those who need Him? We already have His victorious Yes. Now we — His faithful and true doorkeepers — cry out, “Amen! Come, Lord Jesus” (Revelation 22:20 NIV).


There have been many paths taken and trails of tears along the way before and during this prophetic painting’s journey. It is now November 2023. Thanksgiving is over, but there is still company coming, and our landscaping needs some work. On this task, I was intently focused when I heard our resident hawk screaming over and over until I finally looked and was amazed by what I saw. Four hawks, with sunlit wings spread, were gliding in circular motion over my head. It was a beautiful display and reminder of the hawks that showed up in approval of the November 8th Return of the Chiefs celebration at Liberty Plaza in Atlanta, Georgia.

The celebration was of a resolution passed by our state congress for reconciliation between Georgians and the Native American Tribes, who, long ago, were brutally removed via what is known as the Trail of Tears. In praying for this event, the Lord revealed to me that this resolution had to be passed, and the Chiefs had to return — which they did for this celebration — to clear the paths for our prodigals and lost loved ones to come home. According to Native American customs we had to go down to the river, bury the hatchet and plant a peace tree. And it required our collaborative effort to turn what was the Trail of Tears into a trail of joy for those who will be returning and are coming even now.

Together, in faith and action, we can restore our landscape to God’s original intent. We are God’s chosen Holy Spirit wind circuit riders — His faithful and true doorkeepers. Jesus portals bringing heaven to the people on earth. This is why the Spirit and the Bride say,


Artist & Author: Ginger E. Mosher


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© All rights reserved by Ginger E. Mosher


Come, Lord Jesus!

  • 41:13