Vintage 3:16

​Have you ever found yourself singing a song so much that it simply could not be contained on the inside? Well, that’s what happened as I sang “Tiny Bubbles”* by Don Ho until bubbles just bubbled up and over onto the canvas. In the midst of painting the uncorking of one of God’s finest vintages, with bubbles bubbling everywhere, I received an email with a video link showing the social interaction of playful dolphins blowing bubble rings. I suspected that might be a God incidence, so I did a little bubble research.

In regard to champagne, I found that the tinier the bubble the finer the champagne. Without the bubbles, champagne is just wine. Ascending champagne bubbles pick up flavor and aroma molecules, which when released, delight the senses. Also, bubbles ring like bells when they are formed or when sound waves go past them. Tiny bubbles ringing like tiny bells. How fun is that! By releasing sulfur into the atmosphere, bubbles even act as seed for cloud droplets to form.

There’s just something intoxicating about bubbles, isn’t there? They make us playfully happy and socially interactive in a childlike sort of way. Likewise, Psalm 104:15 says the fruit of the vine gladdens the heart of mankind. Therefore, since Christ is the true vine, and we—His branches—bear the fruit of His Spirit, the heart of mankind will be gladdened. So, let’s do like the song suggests and let the expression of God’s love bubble up and over onto others in welcoming affection with the holy kisses of Christ’s unconditional love.

I heard the Lord say “the top has been popped,” and I believe He is about to pour the new wine of His Spirit in us, on us and through us. (See Joel 2:28) It is going to be the finest of wines—a real champagne celebration.  We have been and are being uncorked to overflow with the effervescence of His life in us—to bubble up and over with flavor and aroma, to explode with His love and passion for all the world to see and experience.

May I propose a toast to Christ, the hope of glory in you and me. 

May we be His vessels of love poured out for all eternity.

       * Ho, Don. “Tiny Bubbles.” Tiny Bubbles. Lyrics and music by Martin Denny and Leonard Pober. Reprise Records. 1966. Vinyl.   

By, Ginger E. Mosher

​© All rights reserved by Ginger E. Mosher