By, Ginger E. Mosher

​© All rights reserved by Ginger E. Mosher

Let’s start with a question, “Am I an oasis of praise in a dry place?”  If not, why not?  Where is my focus?  Is it on man or God?  Am I seeking man’s approval or basking in God’s unconditional love, acceptance, validation and praise.

Basking in God’s goodness brings such shalom (peace, well-being, wholeness) and joy that irrepressible praise simply wells up within us.  As we begin to sing His praises, we become so filled with praise it overflows to those around us.  We become an Oasis of Praise able to give to others refreshment, encouragement, comfort and edification until praise wells up in them.

It is no small coincidence that palms represent praise and we have palms on our hands with which to praise God.  Are we waving palms of praise to our victorious King?  Someone is watching.  Are we encouraging and helping others to lift their palms in praise as well?

As my prayer, I give to you the song verse I hear whenever I look at this painting:  “Shalom, shalom Jerusalem, may His praise be found in you.”*  To me this verse says it all.  May you have such peace and be so complete in Him that His praise is found in you and overflowing to others.  May you become an oasis of praise and may praise be multiplied in the earth.

​    * Wilbur, Paul. "Shalom Jerusalem." Album: Shalom Jerusalem. Live Praise Worship, 1995.

Oasis of Praise