​​This “Kingdom Journey” story begins with one of my favorite mile marker moments and is a great example of the countless ways each and every one of us hears the Lord speaking directly to and through us.

It was soon to be my birthday, the big five-o. I wasn’t struggling with it. I was glad for the achievement, just like I’m glad for every white hair I’ve earned. I asked the Holy Spirit how He wanted me to celebrate, and He gave me two pieces of a puzzle. Have you ever noticed how He likes to give us pieces or clues along life’s journey?

For this event—the two puzzle pieces were the name of a man and the name of a state. I knew who the man was. I had heard him speak to the Body of Christ—the church at large—many times. He is a man who has been on an intimately spiritual journey with the Lord, and—as a result—has lots of God stories to tell. Because of his devotion and intimacy with the Lord—God shows him things and he passes them on to us. He is a prophet not unlike those in the Bible. He spends quality time with the Lord—receives timely revelation for our encouragement and edification—and shares it. It is that simple and that eternal—but don’t underestimate the responsibility and the cost of the call.

The second puzzle piece was the name of the state—North Carolina. Since the man whose name I’d been given lives there—I knew where I was supposed to go for my birthday. I received confirmation of that a few days later at a local church gathering when the guest speaker just happened to be from the same state and fellowship as the man whose name I had been given. It was a divine setup!

At the end of the meeting—the speaker and his prophetic team asked God to give them words from His heart to share with individuals in the audience. This type of ministry always melts my heart! I love it when God reaches out through others and touches lives with His words of healing and encouragement. As I pondered His goodness—I heard one of the team members calling out my birth name—which by the way—I don’t use. He kept repeating it saying, “Is there a Virginia in the house?” I looked around and no one was responding. I then realized the call was for me. I stood, and God spoke to me through that person in such a way that I knew He knew me—loved me—and was taking care of me. He was calling me out by name and honoring me. Why? There was a journey I needed to take. A journey to remember who I am and what my purpose is on this earth—my destiny, my Kingdom Journey.  It’s something we all need to be reminded of—isn’t it?  When we remember who we are and why we are here—it changes everything!

Moravian Falls was my 50th birthday destination spot. (If you haven’t heard of it, it is where the Moravians—a people who prayed faithfully 24/7 for 100 years—lived their lives set apart for God’s purposes.) That birthday was by far the most memorable birthday of my life. My daughter even gave me a tiara—which I wore proudly. Everywhere we turned—God left awesome treasures and clues to be found.

One of my favorite treasures was at a video store. Yes—God really is everywhere! My family was searching and searching to no avail for a good rental movie we could agree on. As I waited—I saw in front of me a sort of fairytale movie that encompassed all the fairytales of old. The movie was called “10th Kingdom,” and its main character just happened to be called Virginia. Imagine that! This was definitely another piece of the puzzle for the journey. Even the title held its clues with the number “10” symbolizing divine order and “kingdom” representing rule and reign. Since the story was about a woman named Virginia—I knew I was going to see myself in the movie. That settled it. We all agreed. It was a God thing! From beginning to end—the nine-hour movie kept all of us fascinated with the powerful story it was telling. Virginia was on a journey to remember who she was and to find out and fulfill her purpose in life. Her destiny was to be an active character in the defeat of evil and the restoration of the “10th Kingdom,” which—for us—represented God’s Kingdom. At one point, Virginia was told in the movie by the character “Snow White” (representing purity) that as she found her way—she would also help others find their ways.

“Though your sins be as scarlet they shall be white as snow...” (Isaiah 1:18 KJV).

Are you perhaps seeing how this story could also be about you? Did I mention the name Virginia simply means that which is pure?  Consider yourself as the main character in this adventure. Have you had a desire to be pure, to fight evil, to fulfill your destiny and restore lost dreams? Are you frightened by that? Have you lost your way or has someone you know lost their way? My name might be Virginia—but I am not unique in this story or on this Kingdom Journey. God is calling each and every one of us by name and urging us to remember who we are and what our purpose is on this earth. Created with divine destiny in our DNA—we have been given a precious moment in time to accomplish greatness wherever He has placed us. As highly favored characters on this spiritual journey—we can be confident that He will enable us and show us—each step of the way—how to fulfill His divine plans. He wants to bring His Kingdom to us and through us—on earth as it is in heaven.

Your Kingdom Journey Awaits!

By, Ginger E. Mosher


© All rights reserved by Ginger E. Mosher

Kingdom Journey