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Good Vibrations

Sound, light, color, matter—all that exists vibrates. Even humans vibrate. Some vibrations are good and some are bad. Some are life giving—some are not. It depends on the frequency of the vibration. Like changing stations on the radio—you can choose what frequencies to receive and what to reject. Some frequencies are discordant and distorted and therefore unhealthy. If you’ve ever been stressed, fearful, sad, angry, or sick—you have felt the affect of unhealthy vibrations. On the other hand, when we experience vibrational frequencies that are pure and harmonious we have a sense of peace, love, joy and well-being.

Remember the fun loving song “Good Vibrations”* by The Beach Boys. Its lyrics suggest that we consider what type of vibrations we not only receive—but also broadcast. What frequency are we tuned to and resonating with? Since God is the source of all good vibrations—why not tune all our channels to Him.   


  * The Beach Boys. “Good Vibrations.” Brian Wilson, composer/producer. Mike Love, writer. Album: “Good Vibrations.” Capitol Records, Los Angeles, CA. 1966. Vinyl.

By, Ginger E. Mosher


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