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With nervous, but excited anticipation—I gathered my supplies for my first public painting appearance across town.  It was the night of October 31, 2005 and when I arrived to paint at a Christian coffee shop across town—something happened that caused me to know this would be a night—in the holy of holies—to remember. Fully relying on the Holy Spirit to lead and anoint me—with bold timidity—I set my easel in the dimly lit, back corner of the coffee shop next to a manmade waterfall. I could barely see what I was doing—much less painting—but I felt the Holy Spirit begin to flow through me. The children—who gathered around to watch—were fascinated as were the adults who came to look. Without any knowledge of the prophecies given by the Christian prophet, Kim Clement, regarding an “unusual occurrence on October 31”—it appeared I was painting an approaching fireball shooting through space.

Days later—I was astounded when I received an email with two internet postings telling what prophet Kim Clement had prophesied—at two different times and locations—for that specific night. According to the first posting—on October 17, 2005—prophet Kim Clemet had prophesied—on September 28 on TBN saying— “Something Unusual Is Going to Happen on the 31st of October.”* The second posting—on November 10, 2005—recorded him prophesying at Cornerstone Fellowship in Frederick, Maryland that— “there would be an unusual occurrence on October 31 (2005), which would be followed by a four-year season of harvest and the greatest move of the Spirit our nation has ever seen.”* In response to the prophesy, the posting goes on to say— “we decided to pray as a church through the evening of October 31, standing for the Lord’s promises to be fulfilled. Just after 9:00 pm, while we were worshipping and praying, we experienced an unusual occurrence. A few of the intercessors saw a huge fireball passing through the skies of Frederick!”** It also said that— “Television news reported that the fireball was actually a meteor, seen from Philadelphia to south of Washington, D.C. Local 911 emergency centers were overrun with calls, and in the metro D.C. region, many reported the fireball was so bright it lit up the insides of their homes. One NASA scientist told a D.C. television station that ‘this was a rare event,’ and that he couldn’t remember seeing another meteor this big in the past 12 years.”** As I looked for more information—I found that a Science @ NASA website also reported— “a fireball…around 9pm on Halloween (October 31, 2005) and this meteor was so bright it made me lose my night vision.”***

Pondering all this, I realized the Lord was letting me participate by visually proclaiming—with paint on canvas—His prophetic message. The prophecy and the comet foretold of “the greatest move of the Spirit our nation has ever seen”* which—I believe—is still to come and is why—after finishing “Fireball—I painted “Waves”**** of the Spirit rolling in on a second canvas. It was truly an event to remember and to eagerly anticipate! What a great blessing it is to be part of something bigger than ourselves. May the Lord continue to send His brilliant and fiery light to light up the darkness and bring in the harvest through the waves of His Spirit.

Artist & Author:  Ginger E. Mosher