• 2:57

By, Ginger E. Mosher


​© All rights reserved by Ginger E. Mosher

Dominion Roar

The King of kings—the Prince of Peace—the Lion of Judah is roaring over all of His creation. With the intensity of His great love for us, He is roaring to restore His peace and proclaim His kingdom dominion and authority. With His mighty roar, He is declaring His kingdom come over our bodies, our souls, our spirits, our lives, our families, our destinies, and most of all our hearts. Just imagine—if He created all that exists with His voice—how powerful His roar might be and what the vibrations of it might accomplish. Have you ever seen an earthquake turning solid ground into a fluid substance? His roar obliterates, evaporates, annihilates, disintegrates, and scatters our enemies. It has the power to remove anything that hinders, harms or harasses us. The Lion of Judah is jealous for His creation, His land, His bride, and His people, and He is roaring over our hearts!

It was Valentine’s night when I began to paint a lion’s head emerging from the background hues of a rose colored heart. A young child known to have attention deficit difficulties sat quietly watching for almost two hours as I painted at a prayer and worship gathering. When praised for and questioned about his good behavior afterwards, he asked his parents if they had seen the really big angel standing behind the lady painting or if they had heard Jesus speaking through the Lion’s mouth on the canvas. According to the young boy, Jesus was telling him that he should mind his parents and be nice to his younger brother because they loved him very much. When I heard of this precious child’s personal experience with Jesus and its profound effect in bringing him peace, it caused me to reflect on both the incredibly tenderhearted and passionately protective love of our Father.

What a comfort it is to know the sweetness and severity of His roar.


We serve a mighty God whose love endures forever! May His love, His peace, His power, His praise—His Kingdom Come! Amen!