​God wants us to receive a change of heart personnally delivered and accomplished by the power of His Holy Spirit (represented by the dove diving downward in the heart of the painting).  This change will cause our hearts to be set on fire with God’s love and passion for His people and the lost.  This new heart will beat with His heartbeat and bring new life to all the parts of the body, His church, because of Jesus blood.  No more will be the issues of the heart that cause us to build walls instead of relationships. No more will be the blockages of love, compassion, or forgiveness. As the Holy Spirit brings revival and prepares us for the harvest, He is making the way for our hearts to be one with His.  This will keep us in the vein of God’s will and allow His life to flow through us.  Then, we will know His love and the world will know us by our love.​

Change of Heart

By, Ginger E. Mosher


​© All rights reserved by Ginger E. Mosher

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