A Colorful Perspective

My instructions were to “color outside the box.”  However, as I painted during a worship training session all I could paint was the inside stage black box theatre with stage curtains slightly open to reveal a backdrop of the heavens.  The day turned to evening and a live worship session began.  I became eager to add color to this painted stage but could not find the release until seven women wearing seven different colors began to dance in abandoned worship.  As they danced I found a wonderful release to put their swirling colors on the stage.  The breakthrough had come but the painting was unfinished.  I worked on it for days until I decided it was done.  I photographed and even showed it, but soon became unsettled that it was to contrived and to in the box.  I certainly hadn’t fulfilled my commission to “color outside the box,” had I?  I longed to break out.  So, I covered the painting with abstract splashes of color and no real focus.  What a mess.  Frustrated, I put it aside until the Lord reminded me that He is the source from which all color originates.  This helped change my perspective.  I was now able to render the seven colors proceeding from Him as I stayed focused on the source.  Think of it as looking into the point where white light goes through a prism and disburses into the seven colors of the rainbow.  This one point perspective unified the painting and enabled me to see and display the full array of God’s colors.  The seven colors represent his complete character, his nature, and in that -- His provisions for us.  The message is about getting focused on God and seeing life from a perspective of all that He is.  For me, it was a process.  I guess you could say I had to get out of the black box mindset of life to get a full color perspective of God.  It didn’t happen all at once, but it did happen. In viewing this painting and focusing on Him may you become saturated by the colors of His glory, His goodness, and His character. With a colorful perspective may you, too, color outside the box. ​​​

​By, Ginger E. Mosher

​© All rights reserved by Ginger E. Mosher